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Hogan’s Systems Consulting Price List

PC Products

Home PC Service: $85 / hr.

-Complete home PC service: Set up a new desktop, laptop, or tablet, home wireless network, file sharing, printers, and backups. Provide training for new products or word processing/spreadsheets, transferring photos from camera to computer, etc.

Small Business: $100 / hr.

-Set up computers, servers, networks, E-Mail, business software and full IT support. We will be your IT department!

Virus Removal: $125

-Is your computer running poorly because it was infected with viruses, malware, or spyware? We have the tools to remove it for you and get your computer running normally again.

Data Recovery: $100

-Your data and files are very important to you and cannot be lost. If you happen to lose your files, we can attempt to restore them for you. We will also discuss how to back-up your files so it does not happen again.

PC Tune-Up: $85

-Remove junk programs or toolbars that slow down your computer’s performance. Set up and run virus/malware scans. Set up and run computer defragmentation. Clean out the inside of computer and remove any dust, pet hair that may be inside the computer. Suggest any system upgrades that will help your computer’s performance.

Complete Windows Re-install: $150

-Some computers may be too corrupted to fix, which would result in your computer needing to be backed-up and completely restored onto a clean copy of the operating system. From there, we would re-install your provided applications/programs, set up anti-virus, install updates and drivers.

Note: Additional Hardware/Software is not included in these prices.

Apple Products

iPad Glass Replacement: $125

-Is your iPad glass cracked or not displaying correctly? Let us replace the glass screen for you!

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    Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

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